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Health Care

We offer powdered drinks for modern food supplements with numerous vitamins and minerals. These support the body’s defences and are important for muscle activity, such as in sporting activities or increased levels of stress. Our VITAL drink, for example, contains a valuable combination of 22 coordinated nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements and iron. Other products include hot lemon and elderberry drinks. Echinacea drink and much more. Some of the drinks are sugar-free.


The drinks are packaged in convenient portion packs; the content is simply mixed with water to produce a delicious hot or cold drink.





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Valuable combination of 22 coordinated nutrients - especially important during stress at work and in everyday life.

One 12 g sachet contains:
22 Vitamine, Mineralstoffe, Spurenelemente and Eisen

Cold or hot drink with elderberry

One 10 g sachet contains:
180 mg Vitamin C
5 mg Zink





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